1994: It was at the now far and gone year of 1994 that Draconiis created Sirius, as a solo-project, with the purpose of delivering his feelings and demons inside him into a metal setting.

In 1997, from the ashes of Twilight, the band in which Draconiis and Vukodlack met in the first place, Sirius was injected with new blood. Vukodlack joined on the drums and keyboards, and Raven joined on the bass. This line-up recorded the promo-track “Fiery Strife at the Cosmic Gates…” and was joined by vocalist Gornoth for the recording sessions of their acclaimed demo-tape “The Eclipse…”. The response to this demo-tape was incredibly huge, beyond the wildest expectations! Criticism such as "demo tape of the year" and "best Portuguese band" started pouring down from everywhere in the press. The band did just one gig for demo promotion that ended up by being a major success, with more than 350 people attending it.
Sirius was then approached by several independent labels, having Nocturnal Art Productions been the most enthusiastic and presented the most ambitious deal for Sirius, both concerning priority and promotion.

In March 1999, Sirius signed a 2 album contract with N.A.P., and later that same year, Sirius started the recording of their successful debut album “Aeons of Magick”.
In September Draconiis and Vukodlack flew all the way to cold Norway for the mixing of the album in Akkerhaugen Lydstudio (Emperor, Zyklon, Myrkskog…), the mastering was also handled in Norway in Strype Audio (Mayhem, Emperor, Ulver…).

Meanwhile, Raven had left the band during the recording of “Aeons of Magick” and Ainvar had joined as second guitar player, making Barzh change his role to the bass duties.

Released in February 2000 “Aeons of Magick” was a real bomb and once again, Sirius took the scene by storm with this debut album, had fantastic media coverage, excellent reviews and interviews in all major press, having NAP developed a very good promotion work.

An official release party was organised, consisting of two gigs in the 2 major Portuguese cities (Lisbon and Oporto). 2 completely packed venues awaited the band, creating an incredible cult environment around Sirius.
With no time to waste, and shortly after the release of “Aeons of Magick”, Sirius started working on new songs for their second album “Spectral Transition…”. The band booked Akkerhaugen Lydstudio for October 2000.
Having no time left for touring, they made one last gig in Lisbon (before leaving to Norway) and headlined the second day of the Steel Warriors Rebellion Festival (with Sinister, Pandemia…).

Barzh was asked to leave the band before the recording, Draconiis, Ainvar and Vukodlack would work harder and take care of the bass recording for the next album themselves.
October came and Sirius returned to Akkerhaugen Lydstudio to record “Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius” with producer Thorbjørn Akkerhaugen. Counting with special guest-appearances by comrades Faust (ex-Emperor), Samoth (Emperor/Zyklon) and Daemon (Limbonic Art/Zyklon). Tom K. at Strype Audio once again took care of the mastering.

So, with a lot of effort, the awesome result is a possible reference album for how Extreme Metal should sound in the new Millennium!! Out inMarch 2001 “Spectral Transition…” established Sirius as one of the most promissing bands and has definitely set new future reference standards. Leaving a strong contribution to the innovation of music by creating a new definition in metal! Probably one of the metal bands of the moment holding the highest exponential of development, and for sure one of the most committed!

Sirius has currently signed with Nuclear Blast Records and are preparing for a new album to be recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio.